Performance Management

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Performance management’s purpose is to allow individuals to perform at their best.

An individuals performance is not inactive bat removal from house, there is a continuum. The purpose is to drive performance and it is.

I have trained and coached hundreds of leaders in the art of performance management from the day to day leadership, reviews, corrective actions, and terminations of their reports. My approach is not only effective but simple when

applied consistently.

  1. Establish and gain an understanding of the employee of what happens if expectations aren’t met and what’s expected.
  2. I encourage so the employee has the opportunity leaders to have one on ones with their workers.
  3. Address problems away. There shouldn’t be any surprises when it comes to individual performance than it is later and it’s a lot more easy to correct course ancient.
  4. If clear expectations are set it is much more easy than if they have not.
  5. Documentation is everything, always follow up with the individual in writing so you have a listing of what has been discussed. This will make things much easier if things do not improve.
  6. Follow unless it is warranted, particularly when it comes to action, the process, don’t skip steps.
  7. Don’t make it personal. There is no reason to raise your voice or make a judgment about the individual’s character. Bear in mind that the purpose is to improve performance.

A situation can turn around and protect you if things do not work out when done.

If you’re looking for help, need advice or advice regarding performance management, creating policies, processes or training contact me. I have developed many resources over my 20 years in human resources and I am willing to share what I have and know. Being a leader is an ongoing process and having the ability to work through performance issues is just one aspect of what leaders need to do, but it’s critical to the success of the individual, business and the leader.

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